Welcome to the Global Citizenship Project Welcome to the Global Citizenship Project

Welcome to the Global Citizenship Project

by Mary Slosson

March 12, 2013

Welcome to the brand-new GOOD Global Citizenship project, a space where people who give a damn connect around issues of global health, poverty, and development.

Whether we live in Los Angeles or Lagos, Seattle or São Paulo, we are all part of the movement to creatively engage with each other and our surroundings to improve and strengthen our communities and our world.

Our mission is to uproot the idea that knowledge flows from global North to South, and that poor equals helpless and needy. We are more alike than the way we talk about power and poverty implies.

That's where you come in.

We are looking for a truly global community of contributors from all walks of life. We encourage anyone to contribute to this conversation by posting relevant things you're discovering online and simply tagging them with "global citizenship." But we're also looking for a select group of experts to contribute original thoughts, reporting, and help us identify key stories going on in your area. If you want to get involved with this growing Global Citizen Network let us know by applying here.

In the meantime, we are launching the project in Austin on March 10, 2013 on the sidelines of South by Southwest. You can attend for free by registering here, or join us via livestream.

GOOD co-founder Casey Caplowe and Global Health and Development Curator Mary Slosson will be announcing the project live at GoodxGlobal, the first-ever day of events dedicated to the local and global power of social good, technology and entrepreneurship.

We hope you can join us in the celebration, and we'll be in touch soon with exciting new ways of working together and bringing more GOOD to life.

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Welcome to the Global Citizenship Project