Yeah, I know. I'm sick of the first-100-days stories, too, but if we can all take off our media-savvy hats for a moment and put one the ones where we recall the not-insignificant thrill of participatory democracy, we might actually have a little fun today.Sure the election came and went, and hopefully for you, your guy won. But even if he didn't, or if he did but you're not impressed with what he's been up to, consider today a day when your opinion (kind of) matters again!Tonight, CNN is asking anyone with cable to tune in at 7, and rate Obama in real time. The results will be compiled, issue by issue, then presented. So it's like a Gallup poll, but less scientific and a little more interactive and fun.I'm sincerely curious what folks are going to say about certain national issues that aren't getting as much play as the economy and swine flu. How do we think Obama's doing when it comes to healthcare? Foreign policy? Infrastructure?