What Does the Release of the iPad 3G Say About Us?

When environmentalists first caught wind of Apple's iPad, they heralded the full-media platform for its potential to replace a host of home electronics through its multifunctioning, sustainable design.

But with Apple's release of the iPad 3G, a device that's exactly the same as its forerunner, save connectivity to the AT&T 3G network and a slightly steeper price tag, Treehugger is taking a second look:
...why make two versions at all? Why not just make the 3G version and call it a day? It all adds up to simply selling more stuff. And let's take just a moment to ponder the number of devices sold so far. It's so easy to blow off numbers like this since we hear them every day and when it comes to gadgets, a million is just a million. But pause for a moment and contemplate one million iPad devices sitting in a heap. Then add about 30% to that pile for the 3G versions sold in just one weekend. That's a lot of gadgets.
Check out Treehugger to see what heirloom design advocate Saul Griffith has to say about harnessing technology and the need to curb our consumer appetite.

Photo (cc)Veronica Belmont via Treehugger \n