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What To Do With the Christmas Trees Now? What To Do With the Christmas Trees Now?
The Planet

What To Do With the Christmas Trees Now?

by Casey Caplowe

December 31, 2008
If you're in NYC and interested in helping make mulch out ouf your old Christmas tree, checkout the awesomely named Mulchfest on Jan 10. There's at least one location in every borough, so you're never too far.Many other cities do Christmas tree recycling too-even if they don't turn it into an event like New York does. Earth911 has a nice search you can use to find a nearby dropoff locations (for whatever you might want to recycle). If nothing turns up for "christmas tree," and you're still committed, they also have a two-part article on how to start a local tree recycling program.For those more adventurous types into trying something a bit more creative than turning your tree into mulch, Keep It Cheap found a few decent ideas of what one could make from an old tree-my favorite of which is the amazingly simple: coasters.
Tossed Christmas trees by flickr users: sea turtle and giveawayboy.If you have any other clever ideas of what to do with our old trees, or what you're doing with yours, please share.
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What To Do With the Christmas Trees Now?