What Would You Do With 200,000 GOOD Friends?

GOOD is about to reach 200,000 friends on Facebook. To celebrate we’re challenging you to tell us what you would do with GOOD’s 200,000 friends.

We are nearing our 200,000th friend on Facebook . Sure, it’s a somewhat arbitrary milestone, but we’re excited about it. We've connected with 200,000 people who give a damn.

To mark the occasion, we want to hear from you: If you could reach 200,000 like-minded people with a keystroke, what message would you spread? Would you inspire them to get involved in a creative project? Or get the message out about a political cause? Submit a video via GOOD Maker telling us what you would do with 200,000 Facebook friends. We’ll ask our community to vote on their favorite idea, edit a mashup video of your ideas, and award GOOD T-shirts to the top 10. Then, we'll pick one idea to rally the whole GOOD community around—not just on Facebook, but on our site and Twitter as well. Your message could reach millions.

This challenge is open for submissions until March 21 at noon PST. From March 21 through 28, we’ll open it up to a public vote.

Visit to submit your video or vote for the current round of challenges, and click here to sign up for the GOOD Maker Challenge email list.