Which Middle Eastern Regime Will Fall Next?

An infographic created by Elefint Designs predicts which Arab nations are most likely to see uprisings next.

As Egypt's revolution reverberates throughout the Middle East, which Arab nation will be next to see a change in leadership? Examining the economic and social conditions in nearby countries might be able to formulate an accurate prediction. Elefint Designs has crunched the data to see which Middle Eastern country might be teetering on the brink of upheaval in their infographic Tension in the Middle East and North Africa.

Looking at a variety of leading indicators like U.S. military aid, press freedom, and unemployment, the infographic examines which countries are poised for change. In this section, the blue is the percentage of the population under 25, red lines are the percentage of the population living below the poverty line. And those large circles dangling below contrast two very important figures: The green is the number of years that the current leader has been in power, while the white circle is the percentage of unemployment. Libya and Yemen both have a long-ruling dictator plus unemployment over 30 percent, and they're both places we're seeing massive unrest today.

Launch the infographic at full size over at Elefint's blog.