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Why Kids Make the Best Fundraisers, and Where Adults Can Take a Cue

Here are five things you can learn from kids this season to help you fundraise even more successfully.

It’s December and the mad rush for giving gifts, cheer, and donations is here again. It’s also the perfect time for nonprofits, fundraisers, and crowdfunders to raise money. Here at Piggybackr, we are busy teaching the next generation of young makers, doers, and philanthropists how to take their candy bar and bake sale fundraisers to the next level, by learning how to raise money online.

We’ve seen it all. From cute 9-year-olds who make you open your wallet on cue, to teenagers too cool to ask for money, there is a lot we can learn from these youngsters.

Here are five things you can learn from kids this season to help you fundraise even more successfully.

Your 'Why' Should be Simple

Give people one simple reason as to why they should give. As adults we oftentimes bury the 'why' behind a list of fancy words, numbers, and incentives. Don’t neglect the why. As one of our youth fundraisers puts it simply, “I feel I should give back because the team has given me so much.” It’s honest, touching, and the truth. Who can say no? Get to the heart of the matter in one to two sentences.

Be Real

Typos. Unfinished sentences. Awkward pictures. Don't worry about coming across perfect. But do make sure your personality shines through in all your appeals and communications. As one of our kids expertly shares on his page so you can get to know him better, “My favorite animals are cats and big cats. I love superheroes too.” It’s memorable, different, and sure beats stating the obvious. People support people and causes because of who they are or what they stand for, not because they sound polished.

Over-Communicate and Over-Connect

Teenagers and college students get a bad rap for being hooked to their devices 24/7 and over-communicating. But our donor Jen was more excited than annoyed when she received two thank you emails—a personal thank you on top of a canned one—within 5 minutes of giving to the kids. She will also be receiving an email update and thank you letter after the fundraiser ends. We adults have the pressure to appear busy at all times, which is precisely why getting a quick and prompt display of gratitude is super cool. Also, don’t be afraid to say it multiple times through multiple channels now, and later.

A Cute Picture Says 1,000 Words; A Cute Videos Says 10,000

We’re in the age of YouTube and Instagram. Never underestimate the importance of appealing to people’s audio and visual senses. Pictures of cute kids never disappoint and are a must. But video appeals by those same kids, are even better. It’s much easier to look at a picture or click on a short video, then to read through a paragraph of even the most heartfelt and well-written prose.

Every Dollar Counts

One young man using Piggybackr received a large donation of $1,500. That’s a lot for a young person. But rather than rest on his laurels for quickly exceeding his goal, he promptly told his donors, “For those of you who have not donated yet I encourage you to donate even a few dollars,” even after getting $1,500 in one sitting. No amount is ever too small. It’s the thought that counts. And all those micro donations really add up. He ended up exceeding his goal by 880 percent.

And there you have it, five reasons kids oftentimes make the best fundraisers. They’re endearing, bold, and honest. You, too, can be a kid again this holiday giving season.

Photo via (cc) Flickr user RebeccaLK

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