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Why Putting Dollar Signs on Surf Breaks Helps Protect the Coast Why Putting Dollar Signs on Surf Breaks Helps Protect the Coast

Why Putting Dollar Signs on Surf Breaks Helps Protect the Coast

by Nik Strong-Cvetich

June 28, 2013

As I paddle out into the chilly, kelpy clutches of the Monterey Bay, the sun peeks over the Aptos hills and fills the morning with a golden glow. Glassy head-high waves wash through the line-up, and an otter appears with a fresh catch of a kelp crab next to me. At no point do I take this experience for granted. I understand that this moment in time and this experience are special and worth protecting. It is moments and coasts like these that Save The Waves Coalition (STW) strives to protect worldwide.

Photo: Huanchaco, Peru at sunset. Courtesy of Carlos Ferrer

From the established Reserves in Malibu, Manly Beach, Santa Cruz, and Ericeira, the program is growing rapidly, extending to Huanchaco, Peru and Bahia, Todos Santos Mexico. The program is also developing new mechanisms to sustain long-term conservation outcomes on the ground and integrating our Surfonomics work.

We’ve learned that new models of partnership between government, private industry, academia, and the nonprofit sector can be tremendously effective in executing these initiatives. We need the independence, creativity and nimbleness of the nonprofit, the scale and resources of government, the efficiency and marketing acumen of the private sector, and the research and technical ability of academics.

So far this year we’ve been working through these diverse partners in Bahia Todos Santos, Mexico; Huanchaco, Peru; Pichilemu, Chile; Bali, Indonesia; and right in our backyard of Santa Cruz, California, to protect the coasts and experiences we love.

Here are three things you can do right now to do you part to protect the coasts and oceans: 

  • Keep up with the news: big things are likely about to happen in Chile and Nicaragua.
  • Pick up three pieces of trash every time you leave the beach.
  • Support Save the Waves by becoming a member or volunteer. Click here for more information. 

Feature image: Punta De Lobos, Chile. Courtesy of Nik Strong-Cvetich

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Why Putting Dollar Signs on Surf Breaks Helps Protect the Coast