Michelle Obama Responds To Someone Asking Her To Run For President

Can she be ready for 2020?

via Flickr user (cc) Tom Jacobs

During the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton’s most popular supporter on the campaign trail was without a doubt Michelle Obama. The First Lady has enjoyed stellar approval ratings after delivering what many called the best speech at the Democratic National Convention. Obama’s popularity allowed her to escape Donald Trump’s wrath on the campaign trail even as she claimed the moral high ground by saying, “When they go low, we go high.”

The First Lady’s impressive speaking skills and ability to relate to the average American have many pulling for her to run for president. Last month, when GOOD reported on the groundswell of people begging Obama to return to the White House it was in 2024, presumably after Hillary Clinton’s two terms. But, given recent developments, FLOTUS fans have pushed their request up four years, evidenced by the trending hashtag #Michelle2020.

Today, at the White House, Obama finally addressed the issue during a press conference on Veterans’ homelessness. White standing at a podium, someone yelled, “Run for president!” Obama responded with a large grin, a chuckle, and told the man, “Be quiet back there.”