"Will Marry for Health Insurance!" "Will Marry for Health Insurance!"

"Will Marry for Health Insurance!"

by Patrick James

February 4, 2010
It's finally come to this: Terri Carlson is a beautiful 45-year-old woman who was born with the genetic immune disorder C-4 complement deficiency. Her Cobra insurance terminates at the end of the year, and insurance companies right and left are denying her coverage because of her pre-existing condition. So she's willing to get married if it means getting insured. She writes on her website:
It is not easy living with my disease and now that I have the genetic answer for my health issues, every insurance company uses the information to deny me insurance coverage.  You know, I am not happy I was [dealt] this deck of cards in my life.  However, if I don't fight for myself nobody will.  While the [government] fights over healthcare reform people like me suffer.  I will continue on this crusade for healthcare reform.And yes, as drastic as it sounds, I will marry for health insurance!!!
She's only somewhat joking when she adds: "I know my site looks like a memorial and it will be unless I get health insurance." If Congress fails to pass the damn bill, maybe a Senator or Representative will man up and take her hand.Via Neatorama.
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"Will Marry for Health Insurance!"