Win An MRI Scanner!

Do you happen to run a hospital with lots of patients with, you know, brain tumors and stuff, who really need MRI scans? Can't afford this important, $2 million diagnostic tool?

You're in luck. Siemens has started a contest wherein–we kid you not–hospitals compete for a "free MAGNETOM Essenza, an all-new 1.5T MRI," by making the best web video. The hospital with the highest -voted video gets the MRI scanner.

Noble idea Siemens. Aspiring hospitals: forget about finding competent doctors and nurses and get yourselves a skateboarding dog or an "urban ninja." Those videos'll take off like nobody's business.

Or Siemens, why not just keep the MRI and have patients compete for access to it with their own web videos? Unbelievable.

Via WSJ Health Blog.
via WFMZ / YouTube

John Perez was acquitted on Friday, February 21, for charges stemming from an altercation with Allentown, Pennsylvania police that was caught on video.

Footage from September 2018 shows an officer pushing Perez to the ground. After Perez got to his feet, multiple officers kicked and punched him in an attempt to get him back on the ground.

Perez claims he was responding to insults hurled at him by the officers. The police say that Perez was picking a fight. The altercation left Perez with a broken nose, scrapes, swelling, and bruises from his hips to his shoulder.

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Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual acts in the first degree in New York City.

The jury was unanimous in its convictions as well as two not-guilty verdicts on predatory sexual assault charges involving actress Annabella Sciorra.

The Miramax co-founder may spend the rest of his natural life behind bars.

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Most of the animation you see these days is done by computers. It seems that we see fewer and fewer films made with stop-motion animation, a time-consuming art where objects are manipulated and photographed 24 times per second to create the illusion of motion.

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