Winners: Share a Bike Photo—and Your Best Bike Story

Find out which bikers the GOOD community liked best! We've tallied the votes and are excited to announce which three stories earned your votes.

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We received hundreds of submissions, thousands of votes, and after a week and a half of voting, GOOD and CLIF Bar are pleased to announce your winners in our bike photo and story contest. The top vote earner chosen by the GOOD community will win a year's supply of CLIF Bars and his or her nonprofit of choice will receive a $5,000 grant. Two runner ups will each receive a bike messenger bag full of CLIF Bars and each of their chosen nonprofits will receive a $2,500 grant.


Michael Riccobono came out on top with his story Turtle Patrol. His favorite nonprofit, Boston Cyclists Union, will receive a $5,000 donation in his name. The BCU promotes biking as everyday transportation by advocating for safe and convenient cycling facilities throughout the Boston area. Some of its programs include a free bike tune-up station, bike safety classes, and promotion of bike lane expansions throughout Boston.


Shiyam Galyon came in second for her story From Austin to Alaska. Her favorite nonprofit, Orange Bike Project, will receive a $2,500 donation in her name. The OBP is a subcommittee of the University of Texas Campus Environmental Center and provides the campus community with access to used bikes, tools, and shop space.

Ashley Donald came in third with her story Stolen Bike, Answers to Maddie. Her favorite nonprofit, Bike Inter-Community Art and Salvage, will receive a $2,500 donation in her name. Located in Tucson, Arizona, BICAS is a community-oriented nonprofit that has trained thousands in bicycle repair and maintenance and restored thousands of bicycles, saving them from the waste stream.

Congratulations to all the winners and their nonprofits and thanks to everyone who participated! Click here to go back and read the top fifteen story submissions.

To learn more about how pedal power can make a big difference in helping the planet, be sure to check out the 2 Mile Challenge to help reduce the number of car trips in America. Also read more about how easy it is to transition to a more bike-friendly lifestyle in the GOOD Guide to Biking for the Planet.

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