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Vlogger Exposes the Paralyzing Double Standards That Mothers Face

She does it in sign language from the comfort of her bathtub.

When it comes to motherhood, women face double standards at every turn. Vlogger Michelle Lane believes these double standards are so prevalent that they box women into a corner where every choice they make is wrong. In her Facebook video “The Ugly Judgment of Society,” Lane takes on the paralyzing attitudes women face when dealing with issues such as child-rearing age, adoption, abortion, work, and abusive partners.

“Girl gets pregnant after 30; ‘She is too old?.’”
“Girl considers abortion; ‘She is a murderer!’”
“Girl considers adoption; ‘Can’t believe she’s just going to give her baby away, how could she do that?’”
“Girl keeps baby; ‘How is she going to afford the baby?’”
“Girl becomes a stay-at-home mom; ‘How can she sit around and watch TV all day?’”
“Girl goes to work. ‘How can she leave her baby like that all day?’”

Lane is the single parent of two children, ages 7 and 3. Recently, she told the Today show that she often faces harsh criticism for choosing to raise children as a deaf mother. “I get judged all the time,” she says. “Deaf people are not supposed to have children because we are carrying the genes of deafness.” She’s also judged by people when out in public. “We are more loud and wild than hearing people because we are not aware of sound and can’t hear ourselves, so they look at us like animals,” she says. “But it’s not only that—all people, not just the deaf, get judged all the time. It doesn't matter what you do—you will be judged, no question.”

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Posted by Hot 99.7 Yakima on Sunday, July 12, 2015

(H/T Daily Mail)

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