Here’s What A Record-Breaking March Across 7 Continents Looks Like

Even Antarctica showed solidarity

On Saturday, women and men across the globe stepped out in solidarity for the American public who did not vote for Donald Trump.

It wasn’t just a few light protests here and there, but rather a worldwide fist raised high in the air, exclaiming to all who would listen that millions around the globe will stand up against misogyny, bigotry, and hate.

In Washingon, D.C., an estimated 500,000 people walked blocks from President Donald Trump’s new home.

In Los Angeles, a reported 750,000 people showed up to march.

A reported 400,000 more took to the streets of New York City.

In fact, there were marches in cities all 50 states including Austin …

In Denver ...

And Boston ...

In Miami …

In Providence, Rhode Island …

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and more.

In London, an army of 100,000 pussy-hat clad supporters showed up.

Thousands more stood their ground in Australia

In Berlin

In Nairobi ...

And a few even went out in the frigid cold in Antarctica.

Today however only marks day one. For more on Trump’s presidency and the next four years, read our entire guide to Surviving Donald Trump.