10 Photos That Perfectly Capture The Love At NYC Pride

“Love is love! New York is Orlando!”

On Sunday, thousands of people gathered in New York City to share the love at Pride.

There were moments of silence for the victims of Orlando, hugs from strangers, kisses to the crowd, big, bright rainbow flags and a sense of happiness that permeated every photo shared across social media. Heck, even Hillary Clinton showed up.

The LGBT community has undoubtedly taken a hit in recent weeks, but it appears the community and all of its supporters are coming out strong to show the world that united love can conquer anything.

Check out a few of the stunning photos shared on social media during the New York City Pride Parade.

“Orange is the New Black” star Dascha Polanco on the parade route.

A few hundred balloons joined in the fun.

YouTube sensation and LGBTQ advocate Jazz Jennings shared the love...

...While a few of NYC’s finest revved up the crowd.

Some took to the parade to show their political views.

And others came to just dance.

All pride goers rocked serious flare.

And everyone seemed to have a big, fat smile on their face.

If the people attending pride can teach us one thing…

It’s that it’s totally OK to be you, share the love and sometimes dance in the street with strangers.