You Can Get That Aptera Now

A year ago Aptera Motors promised they'd deliver their hyper-efficient, retro-futuristic Typ-1 model "in 2008" for "under 30,000."In the intervening year, they were not-as some had feared-sold to some established auto giant to be quietly euthanized. Instead, they raised $24 million in cash (including $2.7 million from in July), leapt into production, and started taking orders.For $500, you can now reserve a plug-in Aptera Typ-1 and have it in your driveway (as long as your driveway is in California) sometime next month. It'll go 120 miles on a single charge. Total price: $26,900. They've recieved 4,000 orders so far.We may see these driving around the Golden State within a few weeks. Amazing.For more there's the official Aptera site, this video tour of Aptera factory, and Flickr pools here (official) and here (unofficial).