Yves Béhar's New Eyeglasses for Students Yves Béhar's New Eyeglasses for Students

Yves Béhar's New Eyeglasses for Students

April 29, 2010
You know what really helps a student learn? Vision. And not just creative vision. It also helps to be able to see a blackboard. But in Mexico, 11 percent of schoolchildren need glasses.

To address that problem, Fuseproject and the Mexican government have teamed up to create "See Better to Learn Better," a new free eyeglasses program. For the project, the designer Yves Béhar came up with a new collection of glasses, Collección Escolar 2010, made specifically for students. His glasses are customizable for changing fashions (and perscriptions) and they're made of nearly-unbreakable Gilamid plastic so they survive recess futbol. As part of the program, schools will offer free eye exams and the glasses themselves will be produced locally in Mexico.

Kids: Just be careful wearing these if you visit Arizona.
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Yves Béhar's New Eyeglasses for Students