Zipcar Study Reveals Urbanites And Millennials Share A Common Lifestyle

“Are millennials influencing cities or are cities influencing millennials? We’re not entirely certain,” the study concludes.

“Access is the new ownership,” is the phrase driving the sharing economy, and the millennial mindset is apparently what’s fueling it. For the past five years, Zipcar has conducted an annual study trying to figure out how to reach their mostly millennial audience. This is what they found:

Image via Zipcar_PR

This year, Zipcar made further headway into better defining their audience’s outlook, discovering that people living in urban areas share millennial sentiments—even urbanites born before the 1980 cutoff. Non-millennial urbanites displayed more millennial-esque beliefs than rural or suburban crowds. Millennial urbanites, belonging to both categories, displayed what Zipcar calls “hyper-millennial attitudes.”

What we can glean from Zipcar’s research is that the term “millennial mindset” is inapt. Traits that we previously attributed to those belonging to a certain age group have been shown to be present in those with an urban lifestyle. What’s more, when both of these factors are combined, the traits become more apparent. Or, essentially, “millenial” is a state of mind, as the chosen title of their findings reflects.

“Are millennials influencing cities or are cities influencing millennials? We’re not entirely certain,” the study concludes. “We do know one thing for sure — a growing population that is open to innovation and is concerned with the environment will only further our goal of making cities better places to live.”


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