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Cat apparently dialed 911 to help his owner but no one knows how: 'Sounds kind of weird'

After the incident, people have started believing that cats can also learn how to use the phone.

Cat apparently dialed 911 to help his owner but no one knows how: 'Sounds kind of weird'
Representative Cover Image Source: A cat sprawls on the telephone directory with a receiver in its paws, circa 1960. (Photo by Susan Schiff Faludi/Three Lions/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Pets often go above and beyond for their owners in their own special ways. This "hero" cat saved its owner's life in a way that has left everyone surprised. The police have no other explanation for what happened, apart from the fact that this cat dialed 911 to help its owner.

Image source: Pexels | Photo by Duran  Ekiz
Representative Image source: Pexels | Photo by Duran Ekiz

When an officer walked into an apartment on a Thursday night in response to a 911 call, the only living being they found close to the phone was an orange-and-tan striped cat. There was no one else in the apartment apart from the owner who had fallen from his wheelchair and couldn't get up. The police were surprised at the possibility of a cat dialing 911. Gary Rosheisen, the owner, also believes that his cat somehow hit the right buttons and got him the help. "I know it sounds kind of weird," Officer Patrick Daugherty told NBC News, but there's no other explanation apart from that.

Rosheisen shared that he couldn't get up because of the pain he had from osteoporosis and seizures that caused him to fall, unable to regain his balance. The man wasn't wearing his medical alert necklace at the time either, thus he couldn't alert paramedics about his problem. He couldn't reach the medical alert switch above his pillow as well. The officer shared that they received an emergency call from the man's apartment, there was no one on the phone. On calling back, when no one responded, the police rushed out to check if everything was okay. That's when the officer found Tommy, the cat, next to the phone.

Rosheisen shared that he had tried to teach his cat how to dial 911 previously and how to press the speed dial button. But as per the man, the cat didn't seem interested in learning how to do it. However, it looks like the cat was picking up on the lessons and knew when to use it. The owner shared that the phone is always kept on the living room floor and has 12 buttons. The speed dial button is close to the speaker phone. Who knew that such details would one day save the man's life. The man had gotten the cat a few years ago to help with his blood pressure and stress issues and to help him keep calm. One can say that the cat has been serving its purpose and doing much more than that. 

"He's my hero," Rosheisen said. The man is now safe because apparently, his cat learned how to dial an emergency number. It's a remarkable story of the cat's love for its owner.

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