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Man drops his GoPro under cruise ship and the result is magnificent yet 'terrifying'

Things get a lot more interesting as the clip transitions to the nighttime footage and a sea creature emerges from the dark.

Man drops his GoPro under cruise ship and the result is magnificent yet 'terrifying'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels I Gabriel Peter

The GoPro camera is great for capturing footage in extreme conditions. Taking full advantage of the camera's prowess, Greek photographer Odysseas Froilan dropped it under a cruise ship to get a glimpse of the ocean life. He uploaded the footage on YouTube and it is equally interesting and terrifying. 

Representative Image Source : Pexels I Photo by Luis Quintero
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Luis Quintero

In the YouTube video clocking seven minutes and thirteen seconds, Froilan is seen dropping his GoPro camera from the cruise ship into the ocean. In the initial clip of the video, we see a part of a ship before the camera is dropped into the water. As the camera falls into the water, it is briefly swarmed by a school of fish.

In the next few frames, the GoPro is spotted descending into the deep sea. After a brief stay, the camera eventually touches the ocean floor next to the ship's anchor. With time, we see the camera slowly settling down on the ocean floor and making slight movements to adjust the visuals. For a few minutes, we see a panoramic view of the ocean floor with fish swimming by. 

Image source: Pexels | Photo by Jeremy Bishop
Image source: Pexels | Photo by Jeremy Bishop

The footage then slowly transitions as the camera is pulled back to the surface. As the camera gets close to the bottom of the cruise ship again, fish swarm around the camera. The video continues as the photographer sends the camera back into the ocean water at night. Making its way back again into the marine environment, the camera is spotted descending back into the ocean floor - which visually looks dark at that moment.

Image source: Pexels | Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS
Image source: Pexels | Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS

The camera finally lays down on the seabed. The pitch-black environment, however, turns scarier due to the presence of sharks in the waters. This goes to show that swimming in those waters at night would not be the best idea as sharks have a reputation for being nocturnal hunters.

The video uploaded on YouTube has amassed almost seven million views and has garnered 117,000 likes. People were in awe of the clip, with most users appreciating the beauty of the ocean in daylight and at night. One user, Calladeem (@Calladeem240)  commented, "It might not be feasible, but how cool would it be if cruise ships had a few cameras on the hull so guests can always look at what's swimming around underneath them."


"This is simultaneously one of the most interesting and terrifying footage I've ever seen. I'm fascinated by the ocean and marine life but you'll never catch me anywhere near any large body of water," commented @Marcomanexists and @Jayanit added: "Never thought I would ever see video footage from this perspective. Creative and fascinating to watch. Well done sir." @HunterWinchester666 wrote, "That was fantastic mate! Beautiful, clear footage too. It was so peaceful, I could watch that all day."

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