Jazzmyne Jay Hits The Beach In A Bikini For The First Time

by Tod Perry

October 27, 2017
via YouTube

With the ridiculously-narrow beauty standards society demands we adhere to, it’s easy for most people to feel left out on the sidelines. Especially when it comes to wearing a revealing bikini on a public beach. That’s why some recent photos taken by Jazzmyne Jay are so important. After years of thinking “I’m not supposed to be wearing a bikini” she bought one, wore it on the beach in Los Angeles, and posted the photos on Instagram. 

“For the past 20 years, I’ve told myself I am not ‘good enough’ to wear a bikini to the beach,” she wrote on Instagram. “I went out and wore this because I don’t have to limit myself to just plus-size high-waist swimsuits. This is me, in a bikini, and I F**king love it.” Jazzmyne’s newfound confidence was a powerful breakthrough because, in the past, she’s struggled with eating disorders and sought therapy to overcome her body issues. “I grew up just being around a lot of girls who were super thin and super blonde and super white,” Jay told Buzzfeed. “I idolized them and their figures more than I appreciated my own.” 

Not only did Jazzmyne have a blast playing on the beach in her bikini, she shared it with the world by positing some photos of her day on Instagram. “I was a little bit hesitant at first because I was nervous what people were going to say. But honestly, I got a lot of really nice comments,” Jay said. Over the past three weeks, Jazzmyne’s full-body picture has attracted nearly 9,000 likes and over 1,000 overwhelmingly-positive comments. “Now I feel like I’m going to be trying on a whole bunch of different swimsuits because I feel like I should rock every swimsuit there is.”


Update: This article originally appeared on ​July 13, 2016.

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Jazzmyne Jay Hits The Beach In A Bikini For The First Time