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TikTokers are getting their parents to dance like they did in the '80s and it's a vibe

Some parents have nailed the trend with their effortless and smooth dance moves.

TikTokers are getting their parents to dance like they did in the '80s and it's a vibe
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels I Photo by MART PRODUCTION

TikTok is famous for sparking fun, global trends. A single clip can snowball into a worldwide phenomenon. The latest trend has kids asking their parents to show off their 1980s dance moves to Bronski Beat's "Smalltown Boy." These joyful clips are taking over TikTok with hashtags like #80sdancechallenge and #80sdance.

Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Josh Willink
Representative Image Source: Pexels I Photo by Josh Willink

This fun dance trend features parents busting out their best '80s moves. Some start out shy but quickly get into the groove. With captions like "Asking my dad/mom how they danced in the '80s," these videos take viewers on a nostalgic trip back to the era of pop and rock.

One standout clip shared by @dadsgotmoves shows a couple dancing to the track, each with their unique '80s moves. Their different rhythms complement each other perfectly, making the video a viral hit.

Another Tiktok user, Savannahh Kaddouri (@savannahhkaddouri), captures her dad showing his 80s moves. The man goes on from just rolling his arms to being a full-fledged professional dancer. He moonwalks, mimes, waves and much more, capturing the hearts of the audience. One user, @xcayleex, commented, "Protect this man at all costs."

Image Source: TikTok I @vrock82
Image Source: TikTok I @vrock82

@bucc40 records his mom going from leaning over on a chair to slowly showing her dancing prowess with her coordinated arm movements. One of the viewers, @genxsmiles, commented, "It’s giving Breakfast Club and I’m here for it."

Actress Jennifer Garner (@jennifergarner) also jumped on the trend and posted a short 15 clip. In the video, she is seen setting the camera and recording herself throwing her hands and feet to show her fancy moves. The clip has garnered over 18 million views. 

TikTok creator Tabatha Lynn (@tabathalynnk) also filmed her mom who was initially seen as shy to do the trend. The music although gets better of her and the woman is seen showing off her moves which include foot taps and synchronized arm movements.

@tabathalynnk My moms 80s dance moves, I wanna be her when I grow up 😍 our kids better not ask us this in 30 years 😂 #80s #momsoftiktok #dancemoves ♬ Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat


@Olivia shared a clip of her dad showing his dance moves. As the video progresses, the man is seen throwing his arms in an excited fashion and looks rather pumped to do the trend. A viewer, @georgiaagapinos, appreciated the man for his enthusiasm and commented, "Wow! Did not expect that! He went from dad mode to hold my drink."


Image Source: TikTok I @the_metal_elitist
Image Source: TikTok I @the_metal_elitist

Joining in on the trend, TikTok user Loriana (@lorianasavo) asked her parents to show their dance. They are initially seen recalling their 80s move, with the mom starting to groove on the track. Soon, we see the dad join in the trend with his own set of dance moves. 

@gabbygooly also recorded her mom showing off her moves in an effortless fashion. As of now, the performance has received over 9 million views on the platform.

TikTok user Celena (@bvby_lena) also captured her parents showing off some cool moves when asked to do the trend. The mother starts the clip with her set of moves and later we see the father throw in a couple of cool dance moves. One user, @maximilianomoll1, commented, "Took a minute to download and bring them back to that era… jaja love it, the neck swing whoa." Another user, @conchaababy, chimed in, "That neck grab is when he knew he was never leaving her."

@thatpersionqt was able to make her mom perform the trend. In the clip, we see the woman take off her slippers and pull off some fancy steps. The video has gone viral with people complimenting the mother's dance. One user, @delacey_marie1, commented, "Oh she can dance, dance!"

With the kids putting their parents in front of the camera, the trend is going strong. Thousands of videos have emerged following the trend and not one has disappointed. With the stellar moves, the parents are here to show us how to groove! 

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