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These 12 People Found Genius Solutions To Their Awful Tattoos

Now, that’s better

Now, that’s better.

Just like the Pokemon experience itself, this tattoo just got bigger and better. (Pinterest)

For those of us without tattoos, the most common reason people hold back from getting inked up is the fear that good or bad a tattoo is with you forever. Nobody wants to end up like Mike Tyson, right?

Besides, the tattoo removal process can be painful and expensive. But a number of people who ended up with tattoos they later regretted have come up with some really smart and creative solutions. Some take their inspiration from Johnny Depp, who have splitting from actress Winona Ryder has his “Winona Forever” tattoo adjusted to “Wino Forever.” While others go a more extreme route and overlay a more detailed and colored tattoo over the lesser original.

This person replaced their original tattoo to support their birth daughter who transitioned into a man. (Pinterest)

Either way, these new tattoos cover-ups give hope, and a good laugh, to those who fear one bad decision will stay with them forever. We may never be able to fully regret those regrettable moments but we can build upon them into a glorious, colorful future.

Even diamonds don't have to be forever. (Pinterest)

From tribal tattoo to evocative art. (Pinterest)

Losing a loved one is tragic enough. No need to make it worse with a bad tattoo (Pinterest)

If you can't make it go away, at least embrace it. (Pinterest)

In case there was any doubt, this relationship is dead. (Pinterest)

It's a spider, man. No, it's Batman (Pinterest)

If we're being honest... (Pinterest)

Who doesn't love Frasier? (Pinterest)

The Dark Lord of the Sith will not play second fiddle to a rose (Pinterest)

Bad shark to great shark (Pinterest)

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