Baby Elephants Who Want to Be Lapdogs

Would you let one on your lap?

\nBaby Elephants Who Want To Be Lap Dogs

Lap elephants!

Posted by The Huffington Post on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Baby elephants are cute, cuddly, and have no idea that they weigh a ton—or will someday. In fact, they’re born weighing about 200 pounds. A big reason that baby elephants (called calves) are so friendly and want to cuddle is that they have poor vision, so they react to their mothers through touch, scent, and sound. Physical bonding is very important for the little guys. As babies, elephants have no idea what to do with their trunks, and they wildly swing the appendage around. They are also known to suck their trunks like a human baby does its thumb.