Elephant Herd Helps Fallen Baby Make it Across a Highway

Don’t worry little elephant, help is on the way.

In the middle of a highway through Kruger National Park in South Africa, a baby elephant collapsed and fell on its side. Although the first few cars at the scene stopped, it was only a matter of time before the baby was in real danger of being hit by oncoming traffic. But then, in a touching display of togetherness, a herd of elephants came to the baby’s side, coaxed it to its feet, and safely ushered it off the highway.

Although no one is sure what was wrong with the baby elephant, commenters on the YouTube video speculated that it may have been tired and unaware of the dangers posed by the roadway, or it could have been throwing a tiny tantrum, not unlike a human child. Regardless, let’s hope a member of the herd taught baby Jumbo to always hold an adult’s hand...uhm, tail, while crossing the street.

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via Michael Belanger / Flickr

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