The World’s First 3D Printing College Opens in China

A 3D printer manufacturer is behind the new trade school.

Photo via Winbo 3D Printer's Facebook page.

The world’s first 3D printing college has reportedly opened up in China. A 3D printing manufacturer called Winbo is behind the tech trade school in Gungzhou City, which aims to set its students ahead of the unique technology curb worldwide.

The Baiyun Winbo 3D Printing Technology College has three fields of study: 3D Printing Research and Development Base, 3D Printing Teacher Training Center and the 3D Printing Student Practice Base.

The corporate college is the first of its kind in the world, and a bold investment in the stock of the 3D printing movement. While actual stock in 3D printing took a dive in 2014, the technology continues to make strides. This year alone, 3D printers were used to print a windpipe for a toddler, some reportedly delicious soft serve ice cream, and allowed for a wrench to be ‘e-mailed’ to space.