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A Day in a Pair: Getting Baltimore to Vote

A Day in a Pair contest winner Shawna Potter shows a student at the John Hopkins Campus in Baltimore how to fill out the voter registration form.

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Last month, GOOD and Levi's teamed up to bring you the "A Day in a Pair" contest, which awarded three lucky readers with $100 to use towards doing good in one day. (And an added bonus from Levi’s of a $150 Levi's gift card.) Submissions have closed, and we are now excited to present each of the winner’s days.

Shawna Potter, an activist and a member of a feminist punk rock band, wanted to get Baltimore residents registered to vote in time for the upcoming election. A firm believer that it’s not about who you vote for, but having access to vote for whomever you wish, Shawna set out to give her fellow community members to power to get to the polls.

See how Shawna used $100 and a little foot power to reach potential voters in her area. And then check out the other two winners here and here.

Potter’s first stop was right outside her front door. On her way to make copies, Potter shows her apartment complex handyman how he can register to vote.

Potter's next stop of the day was a local office supply shop to make copies of the voter registration form.

After making the copies, Potter staples the pagers, instructions and alternate language forms together and pairs them with a pre-stamped envelope for ease.

Walking around the Mt. Vernon neighborhood, Potter explains to a man walking past how he can register to vote.

Continuing her journey, Potter gave this man a form for himself and his wife.

Moving on to Fell's Point near the Baltimore harbor, Potter holds up her folder of voter registration forms in hopes of catching the attention of passerby's.

Roaming around Fell's Point, Potter gave out information on how to register to vote online.

Potter walks towards the busy Lexington Market in search of more un-registered Marylanders.

Potter talks with a John Hopkins student, who was also working to register students to vote.

Potter ends her day in Charles Village, nearly out of her 100 voter forms, hoping to get a few more people to register before the day is out.

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