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A Little Mood Lighting Helps These Adorable Pups Get Adopted

These cute creatures are looking for a home. How could you say no to Cano?

If you've never thought about owning a pet, you'll do a 180 after seeing—and reading—about the adorable animals up for adoption at the Humane Society of New York. Fashion and celebrity photographer Richard Phibbs took a break from making models look even more beautiful to work with these little furry creatures currently seeking a home and a best friend.

Studies show that animals up for adoption will have a hard time finding an owner if their photographs are taken poorly—with bad lighting and unappealing backdrops. So Phibbs classed up these pups, rabbits and kitties by adding accessories like bow ties and handkerchiefs. The wonderful portraits below show these potential companions for who they really are, and paired with some background about their personalities, it's hopeful they'll find a lovingly place to call home faster than you can say "woof."

Cano: Poodle mix
Cano had a bit of a tough upbringing, resulting in a front paw injury that left his leg a little unstable. He walks on it just fine but needs to go easy on things like stairs and running. He really wants to settle into a home that can nurture his softer side.

Shelby: Chihuahua Mix
She is a cuddlebug. All she wants to do is lay by your side.

Elvis: Boston Terrier
He likes tons of toys, entertaining company, and can also tell you the weather if you ask nicely.

James: Domestic short hair
James is an orange tabby kitten that loves life. He's a feisty little furball that would love someone to play around with. He's one of those cats that you can give him a piece of crumbled paper and he would be occupied for hours.

For more information on adopting go here.

Images courtesy of the Humane Society of New York

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