Handsome Bros Pose with Kittens to Encourage Animal Adoption

Strong men: great for lifting furniture, building bridges, and selling puppies.

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Every year, thousands of cats and dogs are unable to be adopted—whether because of their health issues, their age, or simply because they’re mutts. It can be a challenge for providers to have these pets adopted, so people over at RescueMen/Pillows for Paws came up with a brilliant plan. They’d create a calendar, and in it, photograph very handsome men next to even more handsome cats and dogs. The cuter the pairing, the deeper everyone’s guilt, the more likely they’d adopt from shelters.

RescueMen might seem like a fluff project, but the organization’s work is grounded in real anxiety and a real cause. 31 percent of dogs are euthanized every year in shelters, and only 35 percent of dogs are adopted. More cats are euthanized than adopted (41 percent versus 37 percent) and there are no official statistics on turtles (maybe for good reason). As Jen Halpern, one of the organizers of the project, told the Huffington Post: “It's a blast. Not only do we get to look for handsome men, but we get to hear amazing stories of compassion and love these men have for animals in need.”

Either way, RescueMen is objectifying in all the great ways. Whatever your sexual orientation or pet of preference (dogs dogs dogs DOGS), this is a calendar worth exploring and an issue worth talking about.

(Via: The Huffington Post)


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