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Adventure Supply Kit: Everything You Need for Summer Exploring

Wondering what to bring along as you set off exploring this summer? Design student Mia Johnson put together this kit as inspiration, with...

Wondering what to bring along as you set off exploring this summer? Design student Mia Johnson put together this kit as inspiration, with basically everything imaginable for an adventure inside: draw-your-own-map paper, a compass and guides for navigation, a world map and constellation chart, jars for collecting specimens along the way, a plant press, magnifying glass, camera, postcards, first-aid kit, deck of cards, blank journals, binoculars, matches, pencils, and a set of inspirational books from explorers like Darwin.

While the design is just a prototype now, you could easily put together your own. As Johnson says, she wanted the kit to be a reminder of how much we can do with simple tools:

While we are able to see anything and anywhere in the world today with the aid of technology, I created this kit to remind us what it is like to go out with just some simple items in our bag and let experiences happen to us. I want this guide for exploring to spark a curiosity within viewers, to inspire them to go out and have an adventure, big or small, and see something unfamiliar to them. It is my hope that the items in the kit will rekindle that childhood curiosity and spirit of adventure, and that they can remind us and reintroduce us to some of the skills and tools that have become more or less obsolete in our modern world.


Images courtesy of Mia Johnson

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