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Donate $5 To The ACLU Any Time You Wish Using This Hacked Amazon Dash Button

This is genius and completely necessary given the state of American civil rights.

If you’re one of the many who feel that you’re going to have to go out of pocket to support causes that have been abandoned or even challenged by the Trump administration, you can take some solace in knowing that at least the act of donating has never been easier.

Remember when donating to the Red Cross was as easy as sending a text?

Well, things have gotten even easier thanks to a crafty individual and an hackable Amazon Dash Button. The buttons, used to place orders on Amazon by simply pressing a button, are available in a somewhat open-source version that allows you to press a button to...pretty much do whatever you want.

Programmer Nathan Pryor used his knowledge and the technology to ensure that donating to the ACLU has never been easier. It’s been proven that donating money to charity can improve your mood and well-being, so you can use this innovation as much to feel better about yourself as you can to fund the defense of civil rights throughout the country.

Here’s the instructional video that makes supporting a worthy cause just a fingertip away:

To ensure that a wonky programming glitch or a finger-spasm doesn’t drain your bank account (though there are worse ways to go broke than supporting the ACLU), Pryor linked the button to a pre-paid debit card to cap donations, and you’ll want to as well.

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