An Argument for an Energy Bill That Will Actually Convince America

Given the recent EPA report that reinforces how inexpensive and important the American Power Act is, you might wonder what kinds of rhetoric will convince Americans to vote for a strong energy bill.

Well, here, via The Economist, is some data from a pollster for the Democratic National Committee that shows whether people would support a generic "Energy Bill" given these particular pro and con arguments. As it turns out, this particular argument for an energy bill (the one in yellow) gets a lot of support. It emphasizes the cost of oil-related disasters and the dubious "energy security" issue.

It's a little discouraging to think we need to invoke the specter of terrorism and stoke feelings of economic nationalism to get people on board with an energy bill. After all, saving the planet from catastrophic climate change should be motivation enough for a rational species, right? But I guess it would be even more discouraging if no form of pandering could get people to care.