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An Untapped Climate Action Army: Winter Sports Enthusiasts

Everyone in our organization—film crews, athletes, and HQ staff—is a stakeholder in winter.

For more than 63 years, Warren Miller Entertainment has captivated millions of winter sports enthusiasts with an annual film that celebrates the world’s best skiers and riders in the most breathtaking and unique locations. For us, and our legions of fans around the world, winter hasn’t truly begun until the latest Warren Miller film is released.

Warren Miller Entertainment is pro-snow Everyone in our organization—film crews, athletes, and HQ staff—is a stakeholder in winter. We depend on the snow to maintain our lifestyle and our livelihoods. Our lives are enriched when we have an incredible snow season. When we don't, we are all at a loss.

It's clear that our planet is changing, and not necessarily for the better. Our crews have observed, firsthand, changing snowfall levels across the globe. This year’s Warren Miller film, "Flow State," closes with an epic adventure to north of the Arctic Circle, where a vast landscape of glaciers, icy water and untouched snow are threatened by climate change. This segment is a reminder to all of us that glaciers are melting, weather patterns are changing, and ski seasons are getting shorter. And it falls on us—as filmmakers and pro-snow advocates—to ask why, and what can we do about it.

Warren Miller Entertainment is proud to partner with the Climate Reality Project, as we aim to ensure that our ski community can continue to enjoy the winter lifestyle for years to come. The “I Am Pro Snow” campaign is an initiative designed to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change on winter sports. We are hopeful that this venture will help open the dialogue between policy makers, world-renowned athletes, resorts and our fans, to advocate for climate change awareness. Our goal is to build an unparalleled assembly of stakeholders across all walks of life and across the political spectrum who will actively align themselves with the “I Am Pro Snow” campaign.

To become a leader in the climate change movement, visit here and pledge your name in support of a better, cleaner tomorrow.

Illustration by Corinna Loo \n

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