And Now There's a Scooter Share

Now you can rent scooters for short periods of time (of course)!

How old-school are bike shares now? I can't really write about one unless there's a wacky catch, like Spinlister, the decentralized bike share, or maybe if somebody happened to complete a triathlon on a bikeshare bike.

Or, of course, in the case of somebody starting a scooter-share business.

That'd be Scoot Networks, starting in San Francisco. Their FAQ helpfully includes the first question that sprung to my mind: "What if I don't know how to ride a scooter?" Not to worry, says Scoot! It's easy, particularly if you can ride a bike. The scooters are all electric and a cheery bike-share-like red.

Scoot intends to expand next year.

So I'm taking predictions on the next X-share business we hear about that isn't for shelter, cars, or bikes. I'm hoping for a homebrew-setup share.

Or is this the real question: What ancillary businesses will start to pop up when there are many X-shares? Something to manage all of your X-share accounts?

Image courtesy of Scoot Networks