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Announcing #OneSmallThing: Simple Choices Can Change the World

Reducing plastic waste is going to take a lot of work but together, we can do it. #OneSmallThing

Hey GOOD Readers,

You know what’s weird? How big our plastic waste problem is, and how little we hear about it.

For starters, there’s a lot of it. Less than a quarter of the 50 billion plastic bottles we drink each year in this country are recycled. Think that’s bad? Get this: around 40 percent of the ocean’s surface is covered in plastic waste.

That’s a big problem, because the stuff tends to hang around. We invented plastic 150 years ago, and almost every bit we’ve created is still with us today. By some estimates, it’ll be a thousand years before it breaks down. And if that’s not enough, some types of plastic release toxins into the environment—and into our bodies.

But you know what? Plastic waste is also unique because there are lots of simple, everyday ways to do something about it.

That’s what the One Small Thing ?project is all about. It’s about everyday change—simple choices that are totally doable and absolutely make a difference.

It’s the kind of thinking that inspired us to create Boxed Water in the first place, and it’s why we’re so excited to team up with the GOOD community to do more. Over the next 10 weeks, we’ll do our best to inform, surprise, and inspire you with enlightening info, stress­-free tips, and super practical steps all of us can take to start changing things for the better. You can get the word out by sharing these everyday planet ­helping ideas—and any of your own—with the hashtag #onesmallthing?.

Listen—reducing plastic waste is going to take a lot of work. But the fact is, we can do it. We hope you’ll join us. It’s easy to start. You just do one small thing. Click here to learn more.

Boxed Water

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