Another Reason Not to Eat Processed Food? Another Reason Not to Eat Processed Food?

Another Reason Not to Eat Processed Food?

by Siobhan O'Connor

January 20, 2010
In the ever-growing list of reasons to avoid processed food-a list that includes obesity, ADHD, heart disease, diabetes, and so on-you can now add depression. In a new study of women aged 20–93, those with mood disorders including depression and anxiety were significantly more likely to eat diets full of high-fat, highly processed crap.So bad food makes us feel bad-this is not such a stretch for the more holistically minded among us. Of course studies that silo information aren't always the best way to get a full picture of a problem. Does the food make us feel bad? Or do we eat bad food because we already feel bad? Or are we eating bad food because we can only afford bad food, and that makes us feel bad? Then there's the fact that mood disorders are often the result of self-reported feelings and experiences, and how a person assesses their own mental health and happiness is greatly influenced by cultural norms and countless other factors.And yet, I'm sure there's something to this (and other studies have shown as much).What's your take?Via the GoodGuide; image (CC) by Flickr user LarimdaME
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Another Reason Not to Eat Processed Food?