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Apple’s New Emoji Keyboard Offers Skin Tone Menu, Still No Tacos

Also, sorry, no redheads.

Behold, the new emoji board.

And so our quest to communicate entirely sans words continues. Apple’s iOS 8.3 update included a pumped up emoji keyboard with more than 300 new options that most notably include a user’s choice menu of skin tones for each emoji character. Of course, people, also known as the internet, exploded with a similarly diverse range of emotions to the interesting attempt at inclusivity with varying degrees of joy, outrage, confusion, amusement, and disappointment splashed across every screen and social media site.

While some were excited at finally feeling “represented,” the biggest complaints revolved around the lack of biracial couple emoji, no middle finger emoji, and still no goddamn taco. (HOW??) A great many also snickered at the fact that the default skin tone looked like Apple hired Matt Groening to work some Simpsons’ magic on the character community. One group that’s particularly miffed at having been excluded is the redhead community, which has launched a petition imploring Apple to reconsider “the glorious gingerness.” The group almost reached their goal of 7,500 signatures of sympathizers also pissed that the reds were left out in the cold.

Proposed, potential redhead emoji. Image via Ginger Parrot's petition.

At any rate, the internet has certainly had its fun, gleefully pumping out listicles and articles glorifying/decrying the latest emoji additions. And this won’t be the end. To be sure, there are many more emoji updates in our near future.

(But seriously, can we get a taco emoji already?)

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