Are Cuban Doctors the New Revolutionaries?

A Cuban health series premiering on PBS NewsHour talks to doctors who attend medical school for free in Cuba.

PBS Newshour wraps up a three-part Global Health Watch series on Cuba this week.
The island's approach to foreign policy is through a medical diplomacy program where Cuba offers medical school education for free.

10,000 students from 29 countries are now enrolled in Havana's Latin American Medical School, including more than 100 Americans.


Newshour talks to Dr. Martiza Gonzalez Bravo who describes the training as a way to continue the revolutionary process and ideology of Fidel Castro. She describes the doctors as health ambassadors for Cuba.

Cuban doctors have been essential to the cholera fight in Haiti this month with as many as 1,200 Cuban doctors, nurses, and logistical personal in Hait to help contain the cholera epidemic.