Army General Proudly Introduces Husband at Pentagon Event

Brg. Gen. Randy S. Taylor, introduced his spouse in attendance.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was the keynote speaker at a Pentagon event that attracted other top brass last Tuesday. The most memorable moment was when the master of ceremonies, Brg. Gen. Randy S. Taylor, introduced his spouse in attendance. “My husband Lucas is sitting up front here,” Taylor said, proudly.

The event was the Pentagon’s 4th Gay Pride celebration.

Taylor continued to say that he and Lucas, “Bet everything on my Army career.” Taylor, a communications and information specialist who deployed to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is in his 27th year of service. Through most of his career, he’s had to keep his 18-year relationship with Lucas a secret. This introduction never would have been possible if the ban on gays in the military was not lifted in 2011.

The celebration also featured a discussion featuring a lesbian chaplain, transgendered woman Amanda Simpson, who is executive director of the Army’s Office of Energy Initiatives, and a gay Marine officer and Army sergeant.

During Defense Secretary Ashton Carter’s speech, he announced a new equal-opportunity policy for the military, banning discrimination of all kinds.

(h/t The Washington Times)