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As a Mathematics Engineer, I'm Working My Dream Job in the Clean Energy Field

The perfect desktop motivation.

I only had a couple months to party with my friends and our diplomas before I drove into the sweaty south to search for a solution to my college debt. After a pleasant interview process I was awarded a position as a Data Analyst at a renewable energy company. The company owns and operates wind turbine generator fields in many states around the country. The company headquarters, where I work, is in a cosmopolitan and skyscrapered downtown, complete with beautiful underground tunnels of food courts, where stampedes of corporate employees speed through lunch.

Aside from the scenery, I couldn't imagine a better fitting job for myself. The other Data Analysts and I are responsible for validating the hypotheses of the engineers. These hypotheses concern the performance of the diverse multitude of wind turbine generators which constitute our parks. This validation requires a fair amount of creative code writing and mathematics, so my team and I are encouraged to continue learning and applying new technologies everyday. I no longer fear the fabled mental stagnation that accompanies the 'real-world' working lifestyle. My job has continued learning as a job requirement, something I consider to be my greatest job benefit.

The office has the youthful air of intellectual fascination. Nearly all of my co-workers are a few years older, but that fact does not divide up the workplace socially. My new co-workers have warmly welcomed me into a brand new state and culture. I've been introduced to the city's free outdoor theater performances, pub trivias, and monthly critical-mass bike rides. The bike rides are imperative because the food here is, lets say, hefty?

What makes all of my co-workers easy to get along with is our shared commitment to renewable energy. Each long day, each internal efficiency meeting, and each technical explanation is a part of proper planetary stewardship, and I've never felt more comfortable inside of such a large company. With the simple goal of paying off college debt I've smoothly transitioned to the working world, and had no trouble finding the purpose to do my very best.

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