This is a pretty sweet interactive web piece by the Guardian, tagged "How to green your Valentine's Day." A more apt title might have been "How to kill the buzz in any V-Day tradition with depressing factoids about consumerism and waste" (not that we're complaining). Each of the green hearts-categories of crap people buy each other on Valentine's Day-is clickable; what pops up is a sort of point-counterpoint. As in:Point: "There are more than 27,000 restaurants across the U.K." Counterpoint: "Every year, 3.3 million tonnes of waste food from hotels, restaurants and bars is thrown away."Lesson: Stay in, and nurse your hangover the next day by finishing your leftovers. If you're lucky enough, do it with someone you find totally adorable. But for the love of God, don't fall for the overpriced prix-fixe dinners you can't finish (or afford), ink-red roses that probably can't even biodegrade, and silly wasteful greeting cards. Deal? (via