Ayllu Redesigns, iuMAP Global Social Enterprise Directory Resource for Good: Ayllu's iuMAP Directory of Social Entreprises

A revamped directory shows market-based solutions to poverty around the world. India and Kenya are hotbeds of social enterprise innovation.

A directory of social enterprises around the world is getting bigger and easier to use, coming closer to being a central repository for market-based solutions to poverty. That's something that could greatly help networking, academic study, best practices and fundraising.

The directory, iuMAP, collects and displays data on over 450 social enterprises, letting you search for them by name, or by country, legal structure of the organization, issue area—health, transportation, energy for example—or by funder. Like other data visualization and mapping sites it also gives a clearer picture of what kinds of organizations are where. See the screen grab above to see how Kenya and India just have a higher density of bottom of the pyramid organizations.

To be clear, a directory of 450 organizations is barely even the beginning of the road toward comprehensive, but it's enough to start drawing some conclusions by sector or geography and that's what Ayllu is doing on their blog. Click through to their list of sectors and you can find trends, a bit of data, and maybe most helpfully, twitter feeds of entrepreneurs in that sector. All of that makes up a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs in similar fields or regions as the organizations in the database.

The site has just gotten a redesign and will get a few more features and maps in the coming months according to an announcement Tuesday.

Launched in July 2010 by Ayllu (pronounced i-u, hence the "iu" in the name) IuMAP is still in beta. They are looking for more social enterprises to include, so if you work for one, or know of any, you can submit them for inclusion here.

Ayllu made up this basic video about the features if you'd rather see someone clicking around the site than do it yourself.