B-Cycle: Bike Sharing in the States B-Cycle: Bike Sharing in the States

B-Cycle: Bike Sharing in the States

by Andrew Price

May 3, 2009
A new company called B-Cycle is trying to launch Vélib'-style bike sharing systems in cities across America. B-Cycle would provide bikes for hire at automated stations around town. You slide a credit card, ride around, and return the bike at any other B-Cycle station.Their bikes, made by Trek, are supposed to be low-maintenance and high tech. The company claims a B-cycle "never needs air in the tires or grease on the chain." They're also outfitted with electronic gadgetry: "All your rides are tracked by the system. Data such as distance, duration, calories burned, and carbon offset will be captured and uploaded to your personal page at Bcycle.com."Denver is the first city in line. They're getting a 500-bike, 30-40 station B-Cycle system this summer. From The Denver Post:"Denver B-Cycle 'will focus initially on the downtown Denver business district, University of Denver campus and adjacent neighborhoods,' the [press] release said. Stations will be in a 3- to 4-mile radius of downtown and integrated with current bus and light-rail routes."Smart.On their site you can lobby for your city to be next.
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B-Cycle: Bike Sharing in the States