How to Give a Baby CPR, in One Very Short Nursery Rhyme

Sing it with me now: “Puff, puff, and 30 more pumps. Repeat this until the ambulance comes.”

After watching this, I realized that things in the CPR world have changed a lot since I first learned it in high school many years ago. (Remember Resusci-Annie?)

The focus is now much more on chest compressions than on breaths. It used to be 15 compressions for every two breaths. Now, it’s recommended that you perform 30 chest compressions for every two breaths. And some even suggest forgoing breaths entirely in some situations.

Here’s the rather entertaining video with nursery rhyme—wherein they struggle to find a rhyme for “ambulance.”

And a short GIF with the most critical detail, though it really is helpful to hear the tune above sung along with it. It’s turned into an ear worm for me, but of all ear worms I could have, this isn’t bad at all if it helps me remember.