An Annoyed Elephant Literally Ran Invasive Tourists Right Out Of Town

These tourists didn’t realize they made a powerful enemy until it was already heading their way

If you need a reminder that animals are wild, unpredictable creatures, even when viewed on safari, look no further than this video of an agitated pachyderm showing tourists the metaphorical door.

In Kruger National Park in South Africa, a carful of tourists got their very own interactive experience when an elephant, tired of their presence, gave chase to the vehicle for miles. When the giant animal felt it had urged the group far enough (or when it just ran out of steam), the high-speed chase turned into a low-speed one, with the elephant eventually abandoning the effort and returning home.

The six-minute video is a testament to the elephant’s tenacity, endurance, and impatience when it comes to strangers barging in on its turf.

So take note: when the elephant you’re photographing starts to head your way, it’s a good indicator you’ve outstayed your welcome.