Barron Trump Accidentally Became A Fashion Trendsetter With This One Shirt

Good luck trying to copy his style

It’s been a big week for Barron Trump — on Monday, he and his mother, Melania, moved from their Manhattan home into the White House. That same day, the world was as surprised as he was to learn that he’d inspired a trend with a shirt he’d worn Sunday while exiting Marine One on the White House lawn.

The 11-year-old emerged from the helicopter wearing a 2-year-old J. Crew t-shirt that reads “The Expert” on the front. The shirt itself had sold out online long before Barron wore it Sunday, but he can certainly be credited with a flurry of interest surrounding the item.

News outlets have picked up reactions to the shirt, as well as the fruitless attempts to score one on the J. Crew website.

J. Crew

While the interest surrounding the shirt won’t bring it back onto J. Crew shelves, it’s certainly kick-started a bevy of knockoffs popping up on Amazon for $18.99, albeit in a different style than J. Crew’s $29.50 offering.


This appears to be the first time that Barron’s been on the forefront of a fashion trend (even if he seems to be channeling Michael Cera pretty hard with his look), but he’s certainly not immune to following them, as he was seen playing with a fidget spinner while exiting the helicopter.

In the meantime, this is 2017, and Barron Trump wearing a t-shirt is reason enough for people to get going on the memes and subtext.

Could we see Barron rocking a stylish romper in these warm summer months? Stay tuned to find out.

via Jim Browing / YouTube

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