Beautiful Photographs of Infrastructure: The Underpinnings That Make Civilization Civilized

A new photo essay at Pictory reveals the beauty—and necessity—of infrastructure.

Obsessed with infrastructure? Go faster than a freight train to Infrastructure: The Underpinnings That Make Civilization Civilized, Pictory's gorgeous photo feature guest curated by writer Todd Lapin of Telstar Logistics. It includes such beauties as this photo of San Francisco's East Portal Tunnel by Troy Holden, above.

"Almost by definition, infrastructure is the framework of modern life we rely upon each day." writes Lapin in his introduction. "It’s so ubiquitous to us that it usually seems invisible — until the moment when you need it most and it’s not there. That’s when infrastructure becomes the most beautiful thing in the world."

Photo of the Mondrian Salt Flats, Redwood City, CA, by Omari Stephens.