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Ben & Jerry’s Just Banned Serving Two Scoops Of The Same Flavor

It’s time to mix things up

The temperature is heating up, schools are almost out of session, and love is in the air, which can only mean summer is right around the corner. But, be warned, a summertime staple is shaking things up in a big way.

"We are banning two scoops of the same flavor,” ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s announced on its site. But fear not, it’s for a reason we can all get behind: marriage equality.

As the most popular ice cream brand in the world, Ben & Jerry's is making a statement in Australia, where 72 percent of the population supports marriage equality. To help drum up support before the the next parliamentary sitting on June 13, the brand will no longer serve two scoops of the same flavor to encourage its customers to reach out to their political leaders and lend their voices to equality for all.

In addition to the “no-two-scoops rule,” the company will also provide postboxes and postcards at its locations, so that customers can easily write in and show their support as well.

The Vermont-based ice cream company has a long and powerful history in politics. Via kitschy marketing and a few delicious flavor combinations, Ben & Jerry’s has always worn its political views right on its cartons. As the Pacific Standard reported, the company has created flavors around the Black Lives Matter movement, LGBTQ equality, climate change, and even created a flavor, “Economic Crunch,” for the 1987 stock market crash.

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