Years After His Death, a Father's Birthday Message Hits Home

More than a decade after losing his father to lung cancer, this redditor received a stunning gift.


The touching story of a man receiving a card for his 30th birthday from his father who passed away 16 years earlier from cancer has been causing the entire internet to tear up – and for good reason. Redditor ChrisBenRoy received the card from his mom, who had been holding it all these years after her husband had purchased and signed the card while he was still battling the disease. He shared the story behind the cards in his post.

“My father passed away from Liver/Lung cancer in 1999 after battling it for a year and a half. After so much chemo and medication, he just couldn't take that quality of life anymore and realized it was his time to go. I assume at that point he bought cards for my brother and I's milestone birthdays. It caught me totally off guard and made me so very happy. It felt like he was still there, holding something I'd never seen before that he touched, and signed himself, it was if he had just done it yesterday.”

His father’s very kind and thoughtful act will hopefully continue to bring him joy for years to come.

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