Bicycled: A Gorgeous Bike Made Out of Junked Cars

Here's a project that's taking the transition to more sustainable transportation literally. Why not make bicycles out of old cars? Lola Madrid, a Spanish creative agency, decided to design their version of the perfect bike, and for materials, they've scavenged parts from a junkyard.

Each Bicycled Bike is handmade by bike shop owners, and because the parts are coming from real cars, each is unique. The frame is made from recycled metal from the body of the cars, the chain comes from a transmission belt, and the reflective lights are made from old turn signals. The seat and handlebar are covered with upholstery from the cars. Even the door handles get put to use, as new bike seat posts.

It's a smart way to use materials that would otherwise be rusting outside, and a poetic way to imagine the future. What if every car was turned into a bike?